a drop of my acidic life
"Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy."

Robert Tew (via rainbowfashionista)

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It’s you. It’ll be you when you piss me off and make me want to scream until my throat is sore. It’ll be you when I’m drunk and don’t remember where I am. It’ll be you when I’m 80 and my hair is gray. It is always going to be you. You are it for me. You are the one. You are the only one.

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My love, you will have my heart until the day it stops beating.

I know we’ve done each other wrong, alot of wrong, but being with you will always feel right.

I forgive you for hurting me, I forgive myself for hurting you and me, and I’m letting go of the past.

Our 5 years will never change, we’ll never get those years back.

And even though some of the worst feelings i will ever feel,

happened in those 5 years. Some of the absolute best feelings i will ever feel happened in them too.

I love you baby. I’m letting you go, and if you’re meant to be in my life i’ll be here. 

I feel so full of emotions,

but so empty and dead at the same time.


Reasons not to go outside:

  1. Ruffians
  2. Thugs
  3. Poison ivy
  4. Quick sand
  5. Cannibals
  6. Snakes
  7. The plague
  8. Large bugs
  9. Men with pointy teeth
  10. I’ll say no more. I’ll just upset you.

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